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How a crown could restore your smile

If you have a broken or damaged tooth, it can leave you unable to eat properly, and feeling self-conscious about your appearance. A crown can be put in place by your dentist to “cap” your tooth so that it looks natural and healthy, offering a permanent solution to restore your smile.

What is a crown?

Just as the Queen’s crown sits on her head, a dental crown sits on your tooth, albeit in a much more permanent way. When fitted, your crown will sit over the tooth until it reaches the gum line. This provides a way to restore the form and function of your tooth so that you can enjoy the foods you once did. Dental crowns can be made from several different materials, including porcelain, composite or metal. Your dentist will be able to advise you on what the most aesthetically-pleasing and most effective option will be for you.

Why might I need a crown?

There are all sorts of reasons why your tooth could be damaged, including trauma to your mouth through a sporting injury, a fall or an accident of some sort. Or, you could have a tooth that is suffering from decay and needs to be repaired. If you do have tooth decay or a broken tooth, you may also suffer from pain and discomfort.

Your dentist may recommend a crown for a number of reasons, including:

  • Protecting your tooth after root canal treatment
  • Improving a misshapen tooth
  • Strengthening a weakened tooth
  • Preventing further damage
  • To securely fit a dental bridge for missing teeth
  • To cover up the top of a dental implant
  • Repairing tooth decay
  • To provide the necessary structure for a large filling
  • Preventing tooth loss

What does getting a crown involve?

During a thorough consultation, your dentist will make sure that a crown is the right option for you, as well as explaining the treatment procedure. First of all, your dentist will redesign your existing tooth under local anaesthesia, including removing any decay, so that it can be fitted with a crown.

They will then use a mould to take an impression of the damaged tooth before sending it to our in-house dental lab where your customised crown made. Consideration will also be given to the shade of white your crown should be. It may be that you would like it to match your teeth, or if you are also undergoing other treatments such as tooth whitening, your dentist will consider the overall finished result. You will be able to choose from options including a ceramic crown or porcelain crown.

While you are waiting for your new crown to be made, you will be fitted with a temporary crown. A follow-up visit will involve the fitting of your permanent crown. Your dentist will first of all check it is a good fit before securing it permanently in place. 

How long will my crown last and how do I care for it?

One of the many benefits of a crown is that it can last a long time. Typically, your crown will last for between 10 and 20 years without needing to be replaced, depending on the type of materials used and how you care for it. Dental crowns usually don’t require any more maintenance than your natural teeth. You should continue to look after your oral health using good dental hygiene practices, and book regular cleanings and dental exams.

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