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The best teeth whitening treatments for a whiter, brighter smile

If you were asked to name the perfect ingredients for a perfect smile, you’d almost certainly say clean, white teeth. But, no matter how effectively you clean and floss your teeth, you can still be left with a discoloured smile because of food stains, or simply because teeth naturally yellow with age.

It’s little wonder then that teeth whitening is one of the most requested cosmetic dentistry treatments there is.

If the colour of your teeth is affecting your confidence, teeth whitening, either carried out by your dentist or at home, could give you a whiter, brighter smile.

Why are my teeth discoloured?

Teeth can become discoloured for a number of reasons. The natural colour of your teeth is largely down to genetics, so it may be that they have always been a few shades darker than you would like. Not only that but your teeth can become stained by tobacco, or from drinking tea, coffee or wine. Medical treatments, medications and trauma to your teeth can also lead to discolouration. Plus, as you age, the outer layer of enamel gradually thins, causing your teeth to look more yellow.

What can I do if I’m not happy with the colour of my teeth?

Thankfully, there is a range of effective teeth-whitening treatments which can give your teeth a whiter, healthier appearance. Ace Dental offers a wide choice of teeth whitening products and procedures which can either be done by your dentist or which you can take home. Your dentist will be able to recommend the best teeth whitening products and treatments to achieve the results that you want. Feel free to request a consultation or talk to us about how to get white teeth at your next check-up.

Should I whiten my teeth at home or at the dental surgery?

If you want a more dramatic whitening effect or you aren’t confident about using whitening products yourself, the best option could be to have your whitening procedure carried out by your dentist. This is also the quickest option as your dentist will be able to use a whitening formula that only qualified practitioners can use. This means you can achieve incredible results in just a single dental appointment.

If you would prefer to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home, you can use a home teeth whitening kit specially made for you which you will use for a few weeks to achieve the desired effect.

At-home teeth whitening treatments involve wearing a custom-fitted whitening tray which is shaped to fit your teeth and gums. Depending on the teeth whitening gel or product you choose, some formulas are designed for use for an hour or so during the day, while others should be applied overnight while you sleep. Your dentist will perform a full assessment before prescribing any whitening treatment to make sure it is suitable for you.

Which teeth whitening treatments can I can choose from?

Ace Dental has a wide range of treatments to give you whiter teeth:

The Boutique Whitening system:
A safe, straightforward and effective way for whitening teeth at home using custom-made trays. By releasing oxygen into the enamel of the teeth, stains are gradually reduced, meaning you should see results within one or two weeks. Depending on the system you choose, you can either use during the day for an hour or two or overnight if you prefer a gentler treatment. Your dentist will arrange a follow-up to discuss whether you need an additional course of whitening treatment.

Enlighten’s Evolution™
A tooth whitening treatment developed by UK-based Enlighten Research Labs, patients can brighten their teeth by up to 16 shades to achieve a bright, yet natural-looking smile. Again, a custom-made tray will be created to fit your teeth and gums. You then inject teeth whitener gel into your whitening tray and wear it overnight for 14 nights. As the formula is gentler than some other systems, it takes a little longer to see a whitening effect. Depending on the results, you can opt to extend your treatment. The system includes a special tooth serum to thoroughly clean and repair your tooth enamel, to be used before and after your treatment.

What if I have crowns or veneers?

Whitening gel for teeth and other teeth whitening treatments will only work on natural tooth enamel, so your crowns and veneers shouldn’t be affected. This can make teeth whitening a good option for you if you have some veneers and some natural teeth and you want to make sure they match.

How do I keep my teeth white after treatment?

Once you have achieved the desired shade, you will want to keep your teeth looking whiter for as long as possible. Your results should last you anywhere between six months to two years, depending on your lifestyle and oral hygiene.

With brushing and flossing every day and twice-yearly dental cleans, you will prolong the look of your new, whiter smile. You should also avoid food and drink which could stain your teeth.

We also advise you to keep your custom-made dental trays, even after your treatment has ended. This will allow you to carry out whitening touch-ups at home by asking your dentist about whitening gel refills if you feel your teeth are becoming stained or discoloured again.

If you feel your colour is suffering a relapse, you can chat with your dentist about how to whiten your teeth again.

Is there any pain or any side effects associated with teeth whitening?

You may experience some mild teeth sensitivity for a day or so after treatment, but many of the best teeth whitening product options now contain desensitising agents to help reduce this. If you do have particularly sensitive teeth, you can choose one of the milder treatments.

Your dentist will make sure that you are in good oral health before undergoing any cosmetic teeth whitening treatment.

If you are looking for a teeth whitening dentist and you would like a whiter smile, call us on 0800 849 4959 to find out what the best options could be for you.

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