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Why composite veneers could be the best way to enhance your smile

If you are considering veneers to improve the look of your smile, composite veneers are an increasingly popular alternative to porcelain. That’s because they are not only easier to fit, but they can also give similar results on a smaller budget. Using the same type of material used in fillings to cover up any discolouration, chips or gaps, composite veneers can be an excellent option to enhance your smile with little or no preparation required to your natural teeth.

Cosmetic issues that composite veneers can improve

Most people have more than one issue they want to address if their smile is leading to feelings of self-consciousness or a lack of confidence. Composite veneers can help with a range of aesthetic improvements to your teeth and smile. They can be used to:

  • Improve the overall look of your teeth
  • Give your teeth a whiter, brighter appearance
  • Even out discolouration of certain teeth
  • Protect the surface of your natural teeth
  • Make your teeth look straighter and more even
  • Close any gaps you have between your teeth
  • Repair broken or chipped teeth

Advantages of composite or resin veneers

If you are thinking about veneers, you are likely to be deciding between porcelain veneers and composite veneers, and your dentist will be able to advise you on the best option for you. In most cases, there is no need for the filing of tooth enamel which is part of the procedure for porcelain veneers, meaning that composite veneers are also often referred to as no-prep veneers.

Plus, while porcelain veneers cover the whole of your tooth, composite veneers can be used to cover part of your tooth and blended seemlessly with the rest of your tooth surface. This makes them a good choice if you find that the top half of your teeth are discoloured but the bottom half are still white. They’re also a popular option for those who have a gap between their two front teeth.

Not only that, but composite veneers can be easier to repair if you chip or break one and they are usually a more affordable option when choosing between resin and porcelain. If you aren’t sure about the commitment of veneers, composite is the easiest option to remove.

How are composite veneers fitted?

The great thing about composite veneers is they can be fitted in a quick and simple procedure which involves little to no preparation. Your dentist will begin by roughening your tooth enamel a little to increase the surface area of your tooth, which will allow your composite veneers to bond more securely. They will then apply a strong adhesive and place your veneers onto your existing teeth before shaping and filing for a seamless, natural finish. Once the desired effect has been achieved, a special blue light will be used to cure the bond and make sure your composite veneers remain in place.

What colour can I achieve with composite veneers?

Most people want a whiter shade than their natural teeth and your dentist will be able to suggest the best shade to look whiter and brighter, yet still remain natural and work with your skin tone. If you only have one or several teeth which need veneers, your dentist will also be able to match them to your existing teeth for a seamless look.

How should I care for my composite veneers?

Looking after your veneers is just like looking after your natural teeth. Composite resin is susceptible to staining just like your real teeth, so you should make sure you practice good hygiene habits as well as avoiding anything which can discolour your teeth, such as tobacco, coffee, tea or red wine.

You should also avoid biting your fingernails or biting into hard things like ice cubes or boiled sweets as they can damage bonded teeth. With proper care, your composite veneers will give you a beautiful smile for many years to come.

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